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When things are hard we plan to make things easy and when they become easy we try to use them more. When we use them more and more, we waste time on them. That’s what happened for me when I tried to find my friends on internet. I used Facebook to find my old buddies. I used the Facebook most and then I believe I wasted a lot of time on many other things I see in Facebook other than I need.

Facebook is a social networking service started in the beginning of the 21st century. Even though there are lot of other social networking services like Orkut and some other service which are not even used by me, Facebook was nailed into my life very quickly and easily.

After registering in the Facebook, I create a personal profile, added friends and some other friends whom I only met once or twice, exchange messages, posted status updates and photos, and received notifications when others update their profiles. This continued good for a long time. I feel like everything in the world goes around the Facebook.

The Facebook became so famous because it has an option to check all the updates of my friends on a single page. This page is called the wall by the Facebook. The wall just completes the half part of the Facebook. It’s a bottom less pit, scrolls down for days and days.

People started posting news some of them are true some of them were fake. These drag lot of people attention so they became very famous in less time. The news posts increased day by day and I stopped reading my newspaper and even stopped buying one sooner. After few days I became a pro in finding out the fake news in Facebook.

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